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Founded in 1989, ESAD College of Art and Design Matosinhos, is a private institute which has established itself as a reference in top-quality teaching, research and related activities in the field of art and design.



Escola Superior de Artes e Design


ESAD aims to prepare its students to understand the role of art and design, developing the ability to make critical interventions at national and international levels, developing creativity and innovation as well as critical and technological skills.

Concurso internacional de Design Bombay Sapphire Designer Glass

Concurso internacional de Design Bombay Sapphire Designer Glass

Copo *Goobly*, o vencedor (Sandra Conceição)

educational institution

From its inception, ESAD has invested in the quality of its teaching, and embraces as part of its philosophy the notion that schools, as well as conferring academic qualifications, must be educators in the full sense of the word, acting as communicative platforms between society, industry and the market.

David Carson Today

David Carson Today

Exposição @ Espaço Quadra 2011


This ambitious mission, which ESAD is continuously developing – to educate, to improve, to innovate – is guided by a spirit in which the value accorded to art and design reflects a keen awareness of the reality of the environment of which the school is a part, and a desire to make an ongoing contribution to improve this reality.

O projecto de interiores

O projecto de interiores


The ESAD has its own facilities that comprise, in addition to rooms for the theoretical and practical disciplines, specialized laboratories, computer design, wood and metal shops, jewelry and silkscreen, photography and video.

A specialized library, allows students to constant updating and streamlining the learning and skills development.

The labs are complemented with a studio and equipment to meet production and editing professional.

Through a network with dedicated lines and equipment will the school offers Internet access via wireless and cable, both in computer labs, the library and anywhere on school.


ESAD now offers a wide programme of seminars, conferences, workshops and exhibitions, encouraging within the college a critical and reflective environment relating to the themes most pertinent to the field of design, both nationally and internationally.

The holding of important international exhibitions, as well as exhibitions by teachers and students, creates a lively and dynamic arena within the school, an encouragement to interactive and dynamic learning.


Investment in projects, industrial and communication in nature, under the umbrella of the Department of Industrial Design Research and the Department of Communication and projects, which in interaction with various companies, has allowed the implementation in the market various products and services.

A relationship with society is fundamental to the success of the objectives held by ESAD. Emphasis on projects relating to industry and communications, managed by the Department of Research in Industrial Design and the Department of Communication and Projects, in partnership with a variety of companies, has resulted in the uptake by the market of a wide range of products and services developed at the school

international mobility

Participation in Community Programmes Leonardo, Erasmus and Socrates allows students opportunities for exchanges with other European universities, as reflected in the mobility of students and teachers and the development of joint projects.

Erasmus 10-11

Erasmus 10-11


Social network for communication between lecturers and students.

School’s internal information integrated system.


Employment platform connecting students and companies.

pli arte & design

A contemporary design magazine published by ESAD.

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